Science Platform

  Takes place in top-notch facilities, including National Local Joint Engineering Laboratoryfor Energy Saving Control Technology of Industrial Equipment, National and Local Joint Enginnering Laboratory of Computer Aided Design, Provincial Key Laboratory for Integrated Circuit, Provincial Key Laboratory for Digital Media Processing and Transmission, Provincial Key Laboratory for dvanced Control System of Industrial Equipment, The Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Equipment, Provincial Research Center for Industrial Equipment Distributed Control System, Provincial Research Center for Internet of Things & Cooperative Awareness. The Faculty has being granted and accomplished more than 200 research funds. Particularly more than 20 grants has been approved by Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, The National Key Technology R&D Program, and National High Technology Research and Development Programs of China (863Program).

National Local Joint Engeering Labortatory for Energy Saving Control Technology of Industrial Equipment

National and Local Joint Engeering Laboratory of Computer Aided Design

Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Media Processing andf Transmission

Provincial Research Center of Internet of Things & Cooperative Sensing

Provincial Key Laboratory of Advanced Control System of Industrial Equipment

Provincial Key Laboratory of Integrated Circuit


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