School of Electrical Engineering (SEE)

    Since 1949, over 30,000 vital and passionate people who share their talents across China and around the world as a member of our alumni. Our Alumni have gone on to apply their knowledge, expertise, and creativity to interesting careers throughout the world. We cherish the contributions made by our alumni, which have been supporting our students to achieve their dreams. Several student scholarships donated by our alumni,such as “Hua Chuang” scholarship, “TDK” scholarship, and “E+H”scholarship. The alumni association also involves in the campus student activities. “ Neusoft Science and Technology Culture Festival”, “BOE Club”, and “E+H cup Feng Lan performance” were supported financially by alumni association.

    Following the fine motto “Rigorous and pragmatic, moral and erudition”, our faculty members together with alumni would try our utmost to serve the national framework “innovation-oriented country “and “a vast reservoir of human resources”, so that achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and "Chinese dream".


  Dr. BI XianDE(1908 12.21 - 1992 01.12),electronic scientist,educator, and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was former department chair of the Department of Radio Electronic Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering,Dalian College of Technology (predecessor of Dalian University of Technology)

BAO Zheng

  Dr.BAO Zheng, electronic scientist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was a graduate of department of telecommunications in 1949. He was the former President and professor of Xidian University.


  Dr.WANG Yue,expert in information system, was a graduate of department of telecommunications in 1950. He was appointed as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991 and an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1994.

ZHAO XiaoZhe

  Dr. ZHAO XiaoZhe, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.Dr. Zhao is the Dean and Professor of the Warfare Software and Simulation Institute, Dalian Naval Vessel Academy. He also holds major general position. He was a graduate of department of computer science in 1984.

LI Lin

  Professor LI Lin, a Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, holds a chair of laser engineering and director of Laser Processing Research Centre at The University of Manchester UK. He was elected to Fellow of International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), Fellow of Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), and Fellow of Laser Institute of America (LIA). He studied at the department of automation from 1978 to 1982.


  Dr. SUN Yu, a fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering and a fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, was a graduate of the Department of Automation in 1996. Dr. SUN Yu is a member of the editorial boards of several IEEE Transactions Journals.


  Dr. ZHANG YanNing is a professor at Northwestern Polytechnical University. She also holds a chair of School of Computer Science at Northwestern Polytechnical University, and director of Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Speech & Image Information Processing. Professor ZHANG YanNing is an awardee of “Yangtse River Scholar Bonus Schemes Special-term professor”.

Wang XiaoHui

  Dr. WANG XiaoHui is a director and professor of the Engineering Projects at Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focus on underwater robots and research management. He gained Bachelor and Master degree in Electronic Engineering in 1990 and 1993, respectively.


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